Coins Wanted Coins Wanted Tell me what you have.

  • If I believe you have a numismatic collections collectible coins wanted or collection.
  • i will come out to your address and give you a price.
  • How much will I pay?
  • I will pay a fair price relating to the quality of the coin or collection.
  • how much I think I can sell the coins for, how long I think I will hold them until a buyer will be found .
  • The effort involved in sorting, photographing, listing and selling the collection.
  •  Get rid of them all in one go!
  • I will often take items not really wanted if you would prefer to sell everything at once.
  • I am a coin dealer who love old coins and  i understand coin collectors, their love of old British coins and their need to buy antique coins.
  • Coins are valuable historical artifacts that can illuminate the economics and technology, the art and politics, the religion and ceremonies of a people.
  • Coins we Buy
  • We buy all foreign coins. 

Some examples coins wanted include: 

  • All World Coins
  • Mint Sets and Proof Sets
  • Ancient Coins
  • Bronze Coins
  • Copper Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Coins by Weight
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Error Coins
  • Commonwealth Coins
  • Isle Of Man Coins
  • Channel Islands
  • Ancient Coins
  • Roman Coins
  • United States Of America Coins One-Cent Coin Five-Cent Coin Dime Ten-Cent Coin Quarter Dollar Twenty-Five Cent Coin Kennedy Half Dollar (Fifty-Cent Coin) Native American $1 Coin. Presidential $1 Coin.
  • Greek coins
  • Australia Coins
  • Coins wanted
  • British Coins Farthing, Half Farthing, Half Penny, Penny, Two Penny, Maundy, threepence’s, Groat, sixpences, shillings,florins, two shillings, half-crowns, double florins, and crowns

Coins wanted To contact us, click on the contact me form and fill out form not forgetting your name items for sale and post code. Or phone me on 07865594943


Medals  Wanted Cash Bought for Cash BUY SELL HERTFORDSHIRE BUYER phone me on 07865594943

Medals wanted,

 Naval General Service,

 Military General Service medals wanted

 Waterloo Medal,

 Army of India,


 Candahar, Ghuznee and Cabul,

 Defence of Kelat-i- Ghilzie,

 China War,

 Scinde Campaign,

 Gwalior Campaign Star,

 South Africa Medal,

 Baltic Medal,


 India Mutiny,

 ChinaWar Medal,

 Abyssinian War Medal,

 Canada General Service Medal,

 Ashantee War Medal,

 South Africa Medal,

 Kabulto Kandahar,

 North West Canada,


 India General Service,

 Hunza Naga Badge,

 Cape of Good Hope Service,

 East and West Africa Medal,

 India Medal,

 Central Africa Medal,

 Hong Kong Plaque,

 East and Central Africa Medal,

 Ashanti Star,

 Jummoo and Kashmir,

 Queens Sudan,

 Khedives Sudan,

 Queens south Africa Medal,

 Defence of Kimberley Star,

 Transport Medal,

 China War Medal,

 Ashanti Medal,

 Tibet Medal ( Silver),

 Natal Rebellion,

 Africa General Service Medal,

 Khedives Sudan,

 Indian General Service Medal,

 Naval General Service Medal,

 General Service Medal,

 Indian General Service Medal,

 Korean War Medal,

 General Service Medal,

First World War 1914 -1918,

British War Medal ,

Star Medal & Victory Medal ,

Memorial Plaque – ‘He died’ ,

Memorial Plaque – ‘She died’,

All Medals Wanted For Cash


Coins Wanted

Hi my name is Phil and i am a numismatists.
Numismatics (of coins) is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects.Coin collecting may have existed in ancient times. Caesar Augustus gave “coins of every device, including old pieces of the kings and foreign money” as Saturnalia gifts.
We are always interested in buying coin collections at Coins Wanted. Proof coins, sets, silver coins. Please Contact me.


Tokens Wanted

 Tokens Wanted Hertfordshire Tokens wanted issued in London  Ireland and Wales. farthings, halfpenny Tokens,  penny tokens from Wales and the north of England. A shortage of small change started the issue of tokens in the late 18th century. Well made, often by excellent engravers, they circulated extensively over a period of a few years. Whilst …



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